Our Vision

“Our Community Where We All Belong”

Our Mission

People with intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all elements of living in the community.”

In our vision of community, all people will be accepted for who they are, celebrated, supported and recognized as equally valued members of the community.

Strategic Plan

A message from Al Moreland, CEO...

There are exciting things happening here at Community Living St. Catharines (CLSC) and our new 'Community Living Center' has been abuzz with activity.  From expanding indoor activity space and outside remedial construction work, there is much to see and do here at our facility and all throughout the agency.  We are equally pleased with the results of the time we collectively spent looking forward, all of which has been captured in our 'Strategic Plan'.  An overview provided below highlights our key areas of activity.

We are keen to move forward in the coming years using a comprehensive road map that will guide our interests and investments in organizational development. Our Plan is targeted and achievable and will serve as a constant reference until 2021.  October 2018 will mark 65 years of service for our agency and we wish to undertake all that is necessary to ensure we are able to maintain the quality of programs our service recipients have come to appreciate, and should expect well into the future.  

Many of you will see evidence of the Plan already unfolding; expanded after hour program offerings, a commitment to enhanced and more frequent communication; providing more educational opportunities for both families and staff, expanding our community partnerships and program area renovations.  As an agency we continue to be committed to positioning ourselves as the ‘service provider of choice’  for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the nearly 150 stakeholders (individuals supported by CLSC, their families, front-line staff and management) who took the time to express their opinions and provide feedback to help shape the future of Community Living St. Catharines.

All of our stakeholders can expect to see updates on our progress through the various mediums of communication we use (i.e. CLSC website, Facebook and e-newsletters).  

See how we are doing!  CLSC Strategic Plan Implementation Checklist 


Our belief is:


Our Values:

Respect - People are accepted for who they are and treated equally as valued members of the community.

Inclusion - People lead lives as fully participating members of the community and are accepted for their differences.

Independence - People make informed choices from a wide-variety of options and direct their own lives to the best of their ability.

Rights & Responsibilities - People know and exercise their rights and take responsibility for their own actions.

Education & Growth - People have the right and opportunity to learn and develop and to teach others.

Relationships - People have mutual and meaningful connections to family, friends and other important people in their lives.

Health & Wellness - People are in the best possible health and receive care to address their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Freedom From Harm - People feel safe, are free from abuse and are treated with dignity and respect.