Our Vision

“Our Community Where We All Belong”

Our Mission

People with intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to participate in all elements of living in the community.”

In our vision of community, all people will be accepted for who they are, celebrated, supported and recognized as equally valued members of the community.


CLSC Strategic Plan 2022-2026:

Download the CLSC Strategic Direction 2022-2026



Our belief is:


Our Values:

Respect - People are accepted for who they are and treated equally as valued members of the community.

Inclusion - People lead lives as fully participating members of the community and are accepted for their differences.

Independence - People make informed choices from a wide-variety of options and direct their own lives to the best of their ability.

Rights & Responsibilities - People know and exercise their rights and take responsibility for their own actions.

Education & Growth - People have the right and opportunity to learn and develop and to teach others.

Relationships - People have mutual and meaningful connections to family, friends and other important people in their lives.

Health & Wellness - People are in the best possible health and receive care to address their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Freedom From Harm - People feel safe, are free from abuse and are treated with dignity and respect.