St. Catharines Preschool Services

Supports are available through a Resource Consultant for children who have two or more areas of developmental delay, or for children who experience early developmental difficulties and are at risk for future learning problems. We provide supports to children between the ages of 2 – 6 years who are enrolled in a childcare or early learning setting.   

The principle of inclusion guides the provision of services to children and families in the Niagara Region. Resource Consultants provide specialized supports to ensure that children experience success within a fully inclusive childcare or early learning setting. Other agencies that provide supports to children with special needs may work together with us as a team and in collaboration with parents to ensure that, the service meets the defined needs of the child and is delivered in a timely manner. Resource Consultants provide strategies and supports in the following domains, Cognitive Development, Gross and Fine Motor, Speech and language, building strategies to support emotional regulation and building relationships with friends.  Transition to school is also a service that we provide to establish a successful transfer into the school system.