Person Directed Planning

Person directed planning is a service that is provided by the Community Participation Supports and Services program.  A person who is receiving a person directed plan through CPSS must be at least 18 years of age.

Each person who receives a person directed plan is aligned with a Community Participation Support Consultant, who facilitates the development of the plan and provides on-going consultation and support as needed, to ensure that the plan reaches its maximum potential.

A person directed plan focuses on the unique gifts, strengths and contributions of the person.  One of the objectives of the plan is to develop renewable and sustainable resources, such as support circles, that assist the person to become more included in their community.

Person directed plans address the difficult question- What does a ‘good life’ look like? and it helps to identify those supports that need to be in place to ensure quality of life.  Each persons directed plan is individualized and tailored to reflect his or her unique life circumstances and therefore encompasses many different forms of planning strategies, such as- planning for resources; developing a comprehensive support plan; transition planning, crisis planning and future planning.  A person directed plan can help with developing a plan for the future by tackling some of those difficult questions like- "What will happen to my son or daughter when I am no longer around."