July 23, 2020

To: CPSS Individuals, Parents, Guardians/Caregivers
From: Susan Fielding-York

RE: TSS Update
Date: July 23, 2020

As the Niagara Region enters Stage 3 we would like to provide you with updated information regarding TSS.
Although we do not have a re-opening date, we will be bringing some staff back into TSS to assist with planning and determining a re-opening strategy for a successful return to Day Program.

In the meantime, we are working on Virtual Classes to be offered on a daily basis (in addition to the Virtual Activities we are currently offering). We will be working toward a mixture of in-program and virtual classes. Some of the first virtual classes will be designed in conjunction with Public Health regulations to inform participants what the program may look like and give instructions as to daily screening, handwashing, physical distancing and wearing masks.

Claire will be contacting families in the next few weeks to check in and gather information to assist us with our re-opening strategy.

To assist your son or daughter with the possible re-opening of the Day Program, please consider practicing physical distancing, hand washing and mask wearing. Set them up for success by teaching them to make the best of it and assure them that every effort is being made to keep them safe.

Although we all want TSS to re-open soon, we must take the time to develop a strategy to ensure that all participants and staff re-enter a safe program.

We wish you a safe, healthy and happy remainder of summer. Stay positive!

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