Benefits of Equine Therapy

August 31, 2017

Chris,  along with the support of residential staff, recently had the opportunity to spend the day at BNR Stables in Fenwick, ON where he groomed, rode and developed a special bond with one of their specially trained horses who work with people with autism.

Support staff we amazed at their innate connection and response to the other’s body language.  Chris successfully rode the horse for 25 minutes in the stadium, then spent time petting, grooming and exploring the tack (equipment).  Support staff were impressed how at ease Chris seemed with the horse. 

Equine Therapy can be highly beneficial for people with autism due to the motor, emotional and sensory sensations that come from horse riding.  It’s been proven that people and horses are able to create a special connection; and for many years horses have successfully been used for various therapies.