Healthcare Communication Tools For Medical Appointments

April 29, 2020

It is really important to remember that even when we can’t see our doctors in person, we can still meet with them. Most health care providers are able to talk with patients on the phone, but some people are also having appointments using video. It can be helpful to see each other during a meeting, especially when communicating back can be difficult.

If you are seeing a new health care provider or going to the hospital during COVID-19, you have to be prepared with up to date medical information for appointments or in case of an emergency. 
The About My Health Tool can be shared with any new health care provider and gives important information about your health and how to best help you, especially if you are seeing someone who does not know you well.

The My Heath Care Visit Tool can help you prepare for a health care visit. This tool should be started before going to the appointment or the hospital and gets finished with the health care provider during the visit.