June 16, 2021


On April 20th 2021 during the State of the Region address, Regional Chair Jim Bradley officially launched the new Niagara Impact Awards to recognize community members who have made a positive impact on life in Niagara.

Throughout the past year, there have been numerous stories of people or organizations in our community who have risen to the unique challenges of the past 15 months. The Niagara Impact Awards highlight those who have risen to the occasion, lending a helping hand in order to make living in Niagara a little better for others.

Award recipients will be announced at a Regional Council meeting on June 24th.

Regardless if we win or not, we would like to say to whoever graciously submitted our name... THANK YOU FOR THE NOMINATION!

While we do not do what we do for the recognition, it is a complete [✨] honour [✨] to continue to serve those in our community with intellectual disabilities and to know that others feel this way about us, and took the time to submit an application on our behalf. ❤️