May 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant upheaval in many areas of life, creating feelings of sadness and disappointment for many.  This may be especially true with the first unofficial "official" long weekend of summer coming up (Victoria Day a.k.a. May 2-4) and the warmer weather feeling like it is finally here to stay.  Even though Ontario is in [another] extended lockdown, try to remember that this won't last forever, and there are still some great things that you CAN do!

First and Foremost : Be Kind To Yourself

Allow yourself to feel disappointed - Don't judge yourself, recognize your feelings, give them the attention they deserve, and then move forward.  

Find healthy coping strategies -  It's natural to feel blue about all of the things we've had to give up because of the pandemic.  Try to find ways to boost your mood... get some rest, go for a walk, listen to upbeat music, spend some time on a hobby you love.

Re-frame the issue that's causing you disappointment - If you have a goal that you haven't met yet, or are having a hard time getting motivated to do, remember that every step forward is progress.  

Manage your expectations going forward - For factors out of your control, for instance not being able to travel to that tropical destination this year, maybe make it a goal to explore 3 things in your own town or city that you haven't seen yet.  New hiking trail, anyone?

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Stay healthy and safe everyone.