Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are the bridge between the community and the services that we provide.  Because of the involvement of volunteers, our organization is able to continually increase the supports to the people who need our services.  We make every effort to provide meaningful and rewarding opportunities for our volunteers.

We provide orientation and offer on-going training opportunities, flexible time commitments and numerous opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and get involved in your community.

Join us as we inspire possibilities to create inclusive communities for people who have an intellectual disability!

Meet one of our Volunteers...


My name is Allison and I am a volunteer at CLSC. I have been a part of the Best Buddies- Brock University club since September 2016 with my buddy, Lisa. Together, we attend monthly group events, such as bowling, crafts and dances. We also meet up to go out for dinner and Lisa loves to visit my apartment to bake, paint and do puzzles.

I am also a part of the Best Buddies executive team, where I facilitate relationships between students and their buddy, as well as help to plan and run events. This year, I have also volunteered with evening classes at CLSC. I have worked with both exercise and cooking classes, ensuring the classes run safely and everyone is having fun, more than anything!!

I enjoy interacting with the many unique, funny and extraordinary individuals that are involved with CLSC!